• nieuw beauty's AGE DEFYING EYE & LIP CREAM cream is a rejuvenating two in one product treatment that brightens, firms, hydrates and lifts and supports the skin around the delicate eye and lip areas. This lightweight but effective Anti-Aging treatment cream hydrates like a thick cream; locks-in intensive moisture without leaving the eye and lip area felling greasy or tacky. Ultra-fast absorbing, Great for use under make-up and around the lip area for those stubborn fine lines!
  • The "two in one" Anti-Aging eye and lip cream boasts some powerful key Ingredients which include: Squalane - Slows water loss in the skin and increases water retention; Glycolic & Lactic Acid - Reduces dark circles while gently softening fine lines and wrinkles; Botanically Derived Hyaluronic Acid - provides intense lasting hydration, skin radiance and reduces fine lines and wrinkles by plumping and smoothing the skin surface; Vitamin A - increases collagen production and smooths texture.
  • Powerful Neuropeptides such as SYN®AKE and Hexapeptide 3 reduce wrinkles and crows feet by inhibiting muscle contractions and relaxing facial tension when applied topically on a regular and daily basis.
  • Helps with the prevention of damaging free radicals from the environment and sun exposed skin. Perfect both day and night. For optimal results follow with nieuw skin Age Defying Youth Cream.
  • Naturally Derived with Certified Organics. Non-GMO, free from harmful sulphates, thalates, parabens, dyes, toxic and harmful chemicals or artificial perfumes. Always Cruelty Free. All ingredients proudly sourced & made in the USA.

AGE DEFYING EYE & LIP CREAM by nieuw beauty. Anti-Aging for Women and Men. Firming & Long Term Reduction for Wrinkles, Bags & Dark Circles. Tightens, Firms and Hydrates for All Skin Types. 1oz/30ml

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