How to sell

If you’re creating a listing using the Sell on Bazista, check out this Help article. Before you can start selling items, you must be registered at Bazista.

To begin, sign in to your Bazista account and go to Listings > Active listings and click Create.

Step 1: Add photos.

Start by adding images to your listing. Click the Upload a photo icon to add files from your drive or cloud storages. You can add multiple photos at once.

Your first image becomes your listing's thumbnail in searches, and elsewhere on the site.

We recommend you use at least five images to help shoppers get a better understanding of the offered item.

Step 2: Complete your listing details.


Give your item a descriptive title. What would buyers search for to find your item? Add the most searchable words at the front of your title. Titles have a 50 character limit.


The first text box below Description determines a detailed description and include any unique features or flaws. Description have a 500 character limit.


If you have multiple amount of the item, you can increase the quantity in stock. As the items sell, the quantity in stock will go down.


You can accept all currencies used on the website for payment. To do so, you need to set the price in the preferred currency for your listing, and then select the check boxes for those currencies that you are willing to accept as an alternative payment. Please note that the cost for alternative payments will be recalculated and indexed according to the preferred currency.


To make it easier to find your listing for buyers, we recommend that you select a category and sub-categories for your item, and add up to 10 hashtags. To do this, you need to select the appropriate categories from the drop-down lists and fill in the text box.

Additional information:

Your location:

Information about your location will help customers avoid possible difficulties when ordering, as well as comply with all the requirements of their local laws.

If you have a saved profiled address you wish to use, you can select it in the «Same as profiled address» checkbox.

If you don't have a saved profiled address you should select your country and city from dropbox menu.

Brand, Model, Manufacturer:

Add the brand model and manufacturer so that the buyer has a better idea of your product


Assigning the correct condition to each product you list on Bazista is very important step toward providing a great customer experience. It's important to make a careful assessment of your product before specifying its condition. In order to choose the right condition for your product, use this link.

Condition description:

In order for the buyer to have the most accurate idea of the purchased goods, we recommend that you give a more detailed description of its condition. To do this, you can enter all the necessary information in the text box below.

Promotion reward:

In order to sell your product faster you can make your offer more visible for the potential customers by adding a reward for promoters. To do this, select the size of the reward - this % will be deducted from the price of your product without taking into account the cost of delivery. Please note that the promoter will receive his / her reward only if the product is sold through his / her promo link, otherwise you will receive the full price of the sold product. The same listing can be simultaneously promoted by multiple promoters.


Shipping information:

If you have a saved profiled address you wish to use, you can select it in the «Same as profiled address» checkbox. If you don't have a saved profiled address you should select shipping address using Shipping from dropbox menu.

Processing time:

The processing time is the length of time between when your item is paid until it will be shipped. You can select one of the processing time options from the dropdown menu.

Shipping costs:

Add your shipping costs. Enter the cost to ship one item («One item») and the add-on amount to ship each additional item («Each additional item» – this is usually less than the One item cost).

Add as many countries to ship to as you'd like, with separate shipping costs for each country. If you'd rather ship worldwide at one rate, you can use the Everywhere Else option.