How to promote

If you want to start a promotional campaign in Barista use this help article.

Before you can start promotional campaign, you must be registered at Bazista.

To begin the promotional campaign sign in to your Bazista account and go to Promote at the top of the site.

Going to Promote page, you will see a list of available listings that contain the reward for the promoter.

Step 1: Select settings.

By default, you will see all listings, but if you want to select specific listings you can use filters.

In order to select the appropriate settings for your promo campaign, you can use the filters.


If you know the name of the listing for which you want to start a promotional campaign, you can use the search by name.


This filter allows you to select the percentage of remuneration you are interested in.


You can choose your preferred listing currency for your promotional campaign. Please note that if the seller accepts several currencies for payment, then by default the promoter will receive its reward in accordance with the currency for which this product will be sold.


If you are interested in a particular category of goods, you should use the filter by category.

Price in BTC:

The filters allow to determine the price range of the products that you would like to be displayed in the catalogue. Please note that filtered result will include products that are being sold in other currencies rather than BTC if the equivalent price fits in the selected BTC price range.


This filter will help you to set a limit on the time of listing creation.

Step 2: Start promotion campaign.

Once you have selected a suitable listing you can start a promotional campaign by clicking on the Promote button in the leftmost column of the listing table. In that case, if you wish to view details of the selected listing or to svezatsya with the seller, you can click the Open button.