How to buy

Search for items

Enter descriptive terms in the search bar to narrow down the results.

By default, search results are ordered by how relevant the items are to what you search for. You can change the order of your search results.

Purchasing an Item

There are benefits to creating an Bazista account before buying, but there are some purchases that you can make using guest checkout. When you buy on Bazista, you're purchasing from individual sellers. If you have any questions about an item or order, reach out to the seller.

Step 1: Add an item to your cart.

When you find an item you want to buy, follow these steps:
Click Add to cart on the item listing page.
If the item you want to purchase has options to choose from — like size, color, shape — you will have to select each option before you can add it to your cart.

Step 2: Create invoice.

Click Buy or Buy all to create invoice for your orders, then fill your profile information and shipping destination address after that you can review the cost of the item, or change the quantity you'd like to purchase, if the seller has more than one available. Be sure to check the listing description to see if the seller requests any specific information from you.

If there's anything you need to tell the seller, click Contact seller.

Step 3: Select payment method.

It's up to each seller what currencies they accept, so you may see different payment methods for different sellers. Some sellers provide a choice of payment method while others can only specify one method.

Step 4: Submit your order.

You'll have a chance to review your information before submitting your order. If needed, you can choose a different shipping address by clicking the Change link. You’ll only be able to use one address for each transaction, even while using multi-shop checkout.


Bazista will send you an email for each shop that you’ve purchased from. If you have any questions about your order, be sure to reach out to your seller directly.

You can view your order information by going to Buyer > Purchases.

Note: If you’re purchasing a digital file you’ll receive a separate email with a download link. If you purchased as a guest, you'll find the link to download your items in the receipt that was emailed to you after purchase.The link will direct you to the order’s Downloads page. Learn more about downloading digital purchases.