Seller service level standards

The Bazista community relies on its sellers to provide consistently excellent customer service. To protect the integrity of the marketplace and ensure that buyers can purchase on Bazista with confidence, we created Service Level Standards.

The Bazista team monitors shop performance by evaluating orders that don’t go as planned. We review accounts by considering cases, low reviews, and general buyer complaints on an individual basis. We also make determinations based on the level of customer service provided.

Expectations of sellers

When reviewing accounts, we investigate various factors that most commonly result in poor buyer experiences. This includes, but is not limited to:

Non-delivery cases. A buyer may file this type of case if the order was not shipped within the listed processing time. The buyer may also file a non-delivery case if they contacted a seller about their order but didn't receive a sufficient response.

Not-as-described cases. This type of case may include—but isn’t limited to—items received that are materially different from the listing description and photos, partial non-delivery of an order, or non-delivery of a replacement item.

Low reviews (1 or 2 stars). A low review may be an indicator that a buyer had a disappointing experience, or that there may still be an outstanding issue with their order. Low reviews can ultimately hurt a shop’s reputation.

Orders canceled without buyer communication or consent. We may find a cancellation cause for concern if it occurs without communication from the seller, or after the scheduled "ship by" date has passed.

Chargebacks. When a buyer disputes a purchase charged to their wallet or internal Bazista account, we conduct a thorough investigation. We may require additional information from the seller to resolve a chargeback dispute to determine whether the seller or Bazista will absorb the liability for the chargeback.

Our involvement

If a seller with a good track record suddenly experiences these types of issues, we may get in touch with recommendations to help bring their shop into compliance with our Service Level Standards.

If a shop falls below our expectations or displays a pattern of customer service issues, we’ll reach out via email to discuss the next steps. We may remove a shop from our search results or suspend certain privileges until it’s in good standing.

If a member continues to fall below our Service Level Standards or has consistently failed to demonstrate the level of customer service we expected, we may elect to permanently revoke their buying and selling privileges.