Processing Times

The length of time between the ordering an item and when it actually ships is the processing time.

Knowing the Processing Time:

  • helps set clear expectations for buyers.
  • determines when a buyer can open a case as part of the Bazista Seller Protection Policy

Where items in an order have different processing times, the buyer can open a case based on the longest processing time plus the shipping time.

Where there is no specified processing times, a 5-weekday processing time is used to help determine when to open a case.

For domestic shipping, an additional 4-weekday shipping time is added.

For international shipping, a 10-weekday shipping time is added.

Note: If some items in an order have no specified processing time, the buyer will not see a "ship by" date during the checkout process, then the whole order won't have a "ship by" date, even if there are items in the order with processing times.

How to set/edit processing times?

Add processing time in the Shipping area when creating/editing a listing or shipping profile.

Either select ‘Enter custom shipping options’ to create a new processing time for a listing or change an existing shipping profile by selecting the active listing tab and click Edit on the shipping profile that you would like to change. An overlay will appear, with a dropdown menu.

You can choose from a list of predefined processing times, or you can select your own from 1-10 business days or 1-10 weeks. If you prefer not to offer any processing times for buyers, you can also select an ‘unknown’ processing time option from the dropdown menu.

About shipping profiles.

Buyers can see a "ship by" date on their Receipt page once a purchase has been completed and marked as paid,

Sellers see the processing time in their Sold Orders and Receipt pages.

Changing the "Ship by" date?

For each order, you get one opportunity to edit the “ship by” date, which will automatically update the "ship by" date on the buyer's Purchases page.

You must add a note explaining why; this is automatically sent to the buyer in a conversation.

Note: The updated date can’t be more than two weeks after the original “ship by” date.

Learn more about changing your "ship by" date.